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It’s been a while since I last updated.  Not much progress has been made, although I have been trying out my skills using Ruby on Rails to come up with something.  A little bit of a quizzing program, along with a list generator.  Not sure how well that’s going to go, but I think I’ve still got plenty of time left.

Class starts this week as well, so there’s a little bit more of my time being taken up.

But I haven’t given up yet.  I’m hitting a bit of a rut, but I still have plenty of time left.  I managed to get my grubby little hands on the 2006 JLPT, so I’ve got more study material to go through.  Almost too much, though.

Never did think that this was going to be a cakewalk. 😦



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It’s an entirely new year, and here I am slacking away. I haven’t been studying much, although I have tried to keep up with at least reading something to keep me going. Hopefully things should pick up more in the next week…till then I just threw this thing together on honorifics. The formatting is kind of screwy but hell, as long as it’s readable, I don’t care. 🙂

  honorific irregular conjugation extra modest
いる いらっしゃる いらっしゃいます おります(おる)
行く 参ります(まいる)
来る 参ります(まいる)
見る ご覧になる (ごらんになる)    
言う おっしゃる おっしゃいます 申します(もうす)
する なする なさいます いたします(いたす)
食べる 召し上がる (めしあがる)   いただきます(いただく)
くれる くださる くださいます  
寝る お休みになる    
〜ている 〜ていらっしゃる 〜ていらっしゃいます 〜ております(〜ておる)
ある     ございます(ござる)
〜です     〜でございます(〜でござる)
  * others = お+stem+になる   * humble = お+stem+する


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The semester is now officially over. I picked up my final today, 148.5/150.

Any progress is good progress, no? 🙂 Now if only I could stop making stupid little mistakes. 😦

Now 4 weeks to go until next semester. I guess I should finally get to studying those week 1 lists I made up, eh?

Week 1 Grammar Points

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Starting a little slow this week…

  • に際して (L2)
    • Meaning: when; on the occasion of; at (the time of); in
    • Noun + に際して
  • させる (L3)(G22)
    • Meaning: make, let someone do something
    • ru-verb: drop る, add させる
    • u-verb: drop final ーう, add ーあせる
    • 来る: こさせる
    • する: させる
    • (director) は/が (cast) に (action)
  • どうして (L4)
    • Meaning: Why? How
    • Use with んです
    • Example: どうして来なかったんですか?

Adventures in vocabulary

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I almost figured I’d make a post outlining the grammar points for the week, but with an exam happening today (I guess I did okay on it) and the final in my Japanese class coming up next week, studying for the JLPT takes a bit of a back seat. Not much of one, mind you, but enough where I can’t really concentrate on it. I am finding, however, that I have the memory of a sieve sometimes. I’ve gone through about 50% of the vocabulary list I posted a couple of days ago (I’m using Genius on my Macbook to study the vocabulary, along with a printed list) and for the most part I can remember what I’ve come across…until I see it a second or third time. And then the part where I stare blankly at the screen arrives.

For some reason the words just don’t stick very well. I hope it’s not a symptom of my getting older. Hopefully it’s just because

I just haven’t really had an opportunity to sit down and concentrate fully on the words on the list and the cards that Genius flashes in front of me. I do remember a bit more than I thought I would, so I guess that’s a good sign.

Then again I haven’t even started in on the kanji itself yet. Maybe that’ll go a little smoother. Hell it might even help with the vocabulary.

Until tomorrow…

361 days 12 hours 53 minutes remaining.


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One of the final assignments I had for class was to put together an oral presentation concerning a favorite place of mine.  I chose a bookstore.  It was the first thing that came to mind…

The presentation is tomorrow, but I figure since it’s still part of my studies, here it goes onto the blog.

The assignment called for the following:

  • what is the favorite place
  • where it is – describe the location using the direction words you’ve learned
  • what do you do there – describe two or more activities using te-form verb(s)
  • why you like the place – use ~から and explain
  • a suggestion for the audience to do something

I hope I covered everything.
私の好きな所は本屋です。好きな本屋は町の東があります。暖炉のそばで勉強して、おいしいチーズケーキを食べます。 もちろんたくさん本を読みます。あそこは休める、静かな所ですから、でも静かすぎれば、よく眠ってしまいます。いつか一緒に良いコーヒーを飲みながらおもしろい本を読みましょう。

Week 1 Kanji

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Kanji 音読み 訓読み Meanings Level
コン   marriage; 2
うま noon; seventh sign of Chinese zodiac; sign of the horse; 4
ゲン あらわれる あらわす present; existing; actual; 2
ノウ なやむ なやます なやましい なやみ trouble; worry; in pain; distress; illness; 2
ハン   carrier; carry; all; 2
ド ヌ いかる おこる angry; be offended; 2
ケン みる みえる みせる see; hopes; chances; idea; opinion; look at; visible; 4
セイ セ ソウ よ さんじゅう generation; world; society; public; 3
テイ ほど extent; degree; law; formula; distance; limits; amount; 2
ゼイ   tax; duty; 2
コウ ひかる ひかり ray; light; 2
ソク はやい はや- はやめる すみやか quick; fast; 2
うま うま- ま horse; 2
オウ オク おくまる くま heart; interior; 2
ゼン ネン しか しかり しかし さ sort of thing; so; if so; in that case; well; 2
けがす けがれる けがらわしい よごす よごれる きたない dirty; pollute; disgrace; rape; defile; 2
コウ さら さらに ふける ふかす grow late; night watch; sit up late; of course; 2
ザイ   lumber; log; timber; wood; talent; 2
ヒョウ おもて あらわす あらわれる あらわす surface; table; chart; diagram; 2
退 タイ しりぞく しりぞける ひく のく のける どく retreat; withdraw; retire; resign; repel; expel; reject; 2